Customer service was clearly outstanding.
I sent pictures in whatsapp for a second opinion for suggested Trouser with matching shirt.
The suggestion's were spot on.

shahid mirza - Verified Purchase

It is really worth it and it’s packaging is also really cool .
It’s a must have product i really like Beige Checked Tere-Rayon Pant.
The company is really cool and it’s a must have product which enhances your Look....!!!!

Hebin C - Verified Purchase

I use this company for Regular fit Tere-Rayon Formal Pants , it looks and feels like wool
soft and texture like a wool ,
selection is wonderful, Prices reasonable and dependable in service.

khan abbas - Verified Purchase

Customer service is professional.
Shipping was very fast, packaging was very nice, product were in good condition when I received it.
Very good quality of the products I bought. And it's true to size, just as it's seen on the site.
Refund for some of my product was very simple and no stress.
Got the money easily.
Overall I really liked the experience.

Alex Itticheria - Verified Purchase

It's amazing. Finest quality Steel Gray formal pant.
I have been using regularly.
Nice clothes and collection of my choice.

Chenchaiah pagolu - Verified Purchase

good quality and the trousers are well made.
I tried another company first but there was no comparison.

Tiken Haobijam - Verified Purchase

I love the collection and the discounts there.
the quality and fitting is too good for my size.
really awesome.

Netra Ale - Verified Purchase

french crown is one of my favorite website.
Their clothes are stylish and affordable.
There items at french crown are amazing,
they are really good trousers.
I love how the prices are not too expensive !

George Mathew - Verified Purchase

I love these trousers and shirts.
They fit great the fabric is beautiful the shipping speed fantastic.
The choice are endless almost. I can't find one thing to complain about.
Thanks french crown, you have made my life easier when shopping for trousers.

Ngamkholien Khongsai - Verified Purchase

Just received my first two trousers.
Fit and fabric are awesome.
premium grade fabric.
it is made of the Rayon and Terylene high strength.
Terry Rayon is a high-quality, luxurious fabric .
I will be ordering more trousers soon.

Imsu Sang - Verified Purchase

The quality of the clothing is incredible.
I have loved everything I have ordered from them.
Keep up the great work!
I specially love the feel of tree-rayon fabric.
I use to wear it all around the year.

jibin samuel - Verified Purchase

This is an excellent quality Trouser. 100% Linen.
The fit on this one is Regular.
The Trousers looks really nice and the quality is fantastic.
I am always really happy with french crown quality. And of course very happy it is 100% Linen.
My husband is usually very picky about brands, but even he loves the french crown clothing.

Afsar Alam - Verified Purchase

The material of this Trousers is wonderfully soft I ordered a size up which was a great decision.
I would order from these guys again.Great Trousers fits really well.
But at the top end of what I would pay for a Trouser like this

Thomas Varghese - Verified Purchase

Shipping - Quick
Delivery - Quick
The packing - Awesome.
The boxing experience - Lovely
The pen - They look good too.
The Note - It feels really nice.
The shirt - Classic and Elegant
The Quality - Amazing. The fabric used is just too good.

Hafijul Hossain - Verified Purchase

Best brand for clothing..
I just like the shine durability is high.
This will be my go to provider from here forward!

Lovekesh Uppal - Verified Purchase

Truly amazing
Superb material
Would love to buy and buy again
Great fan of this brand i often buy from here especially
the trouser collection is my most favorite of the lot french crown.

Aadhi lokesh - Verified Purchase

I would like to recommend this brand. Because their Trousers are super awesome.
The Trouser fabric quality is super amazing fit is superb need some improvement in Length of the Trouser.
As I am 5 feet 11 inch tall guy and I need 43 inch Trouser.
So I request then you to please increase the length. If someone need short/long Trouser they can alter it after delivery.

ARIF ABDULLAH - Verified Purchase

I love these pants.
My father in law use to buy these at Sams Club.
He gave me a pair and I loved the way they fit.
Have had these pants for 3 years.
Looked up and found on french crown and
ordered three pair and plan to order more.

Lister Momin - Verified Purchase

Beautifully fitted ans tailored clothing and a perfectly textured
clothing collected is offered by french crown.
They also offer reasonable pricing and discounts during their timely sale.

Datta cholke - Verified Purchase

Having french crown in your wardrobe just makes your wardrobe.
completely better and definitely makes you look like a person that cares about fashion.
french crown makes the most fashionable clothes which are reasonably priced as well
and pushing it further their clothes are amazingly Breathable for summer as well.

sibabrata mallick - Verified Purchase

excellent fabric and the excellent quality I've come to expect from french crown.
beautiful color, I've lost all interest in the standard blue pants, steel blue is better.
also it has softness that is comfortable to wear.

lalremruata varte - Verified Purchase

Finally, perfectly fitting pant at a reasonable cost and great quality.
They now have my measurements on file and I just order a new pant or two every month now and again.

Alex George - Verified Purchase

Shipping - Quick
Delivery - Quick
The packing - Awesome.
The unboxing experience - Lovely
The pen - They look good too.
The Note - It feels really nice.
The shirt - Classic and Elegant
The Quality - Amazing. The fabric used is just too good.

Firdous Ahmad - Verified Purchase

I just love shopping at french crown, believe me friends when i approached to this new clothing brand , i gone through many comments and suggestion peoples were giving, and also two shirts.

Lovekesh Uppal - Verified Purchase

Extremely pleased with this purchase, and to top it up, amazing follow up and service.
Well done! Definitely coming back for more!

Joquim Rodrigues - Verified Purchase

french crown clothes are awesome. the prices are also very reasonable.
I would like them to have more half sleeve shirt also. Overall it is a great brand.

lalmohan dora - Verified Purchase

Like the service and quality of product and best after sales service too, quite impressive, shirt fitting is perfect and material is also too good..
Will sure recommend my friends and family, Highly recommend...

biju joy - Verified Purchase

I'm very happy with order,
It was delivered on time
It was very good quality
It was a right size for me as I expected
Thanks you very much for the order.

Ngamkholien Khongsai - Verified Purchase

bunny - Verified Purchase

bunny - Verified Purchase

bunny - Verified Purchase

bunny - Verified Purchase

Ashok pati - Verified Purchase

Pankaj Patel - Verified Purchase

Awesome Cloth - Medium weight.
Perfect to wear all day. I received within two days, really quick.
Happy to own 2 colours.
I am up to order few more colour soon.

Gossner Ekka - Verified Purchase

This is probably the first time I am writing a review on web site. But this brand deserves it.
Brilliantly executed website, advertising - made me want to try it out.
The experience was even better. Clean minimal and thoughtful packaging and a fantastic shirt. Great fabric.
Just hope it doesn't lose it fit or colour after a few washes.

Johnson Rodrigues - Verified Purchase

Experience outstanding. Personal contact by rep was fabulous.
Shirt came in timely fashion and it's beautiful.
I've already ordered two more!

SHEIKH TARIQ - Verified Purchase

Fabrics are great - critically, the online descriptions are a good guide for the final product.
Customer service has been very good, though an order runs so smoothly that there's little need to follow up.
I loved it.

lalmohan dora - Verified Purchase

Wonderful experience, shirt literally felt professionally tailored to me and I have a bigger bodybuilding frame.
Which makes it hard to find shirts in general.
This was an excellent experience!

biju joy - Verified Purchase

Print is great for a night out.
A unique print.
Shirt feels lightweight too, but nice a crisp after a good iron.

Muzaffar Kurrshi Kureshi - Verified Purchase