I was really impressed with the quality of the fabric the color and the feel of the shirt on my skin.

Naodei Chongloi - Verified Purchase

I have purchased about a one shirt for me and for my sons.
Good quality fabrics, excellent sticking and fit.
It is expensive too.
But I like them and may go for it again and again.

Gladson Vettickal - Verified Purchase

Perfect clothing and wonderful service when calling the company.
Always great service and quality.
I am a frequent customer.

Alphonse Francis - Verified Purchase

Looks and feels great!

RANGASWAMY M N - Verified Purchase

Really quick purchase response and super fast delivery and the product is awesome, I am very happy with my purchase.

मिथिलेश पाठक - Verified Purchase

Online purchase.
Purchasing process was easy!
Item has been delivered was surprised how fast it got here.
My shirt are amazing, thank you!!!

Dr Pinkesh Gehlot - Verified Purchase

Dinesh - Verified Purchase

It is very easy to buy anything in this store, and the products that sale in the stores all have really good quality.

Huzefa Merchant - Verified Purchase

Absolutely satisfied with all the product and its so up to date ,also its very details to see the product clearly .

Antony Edward - Verified Purchase

Totally Best Quality , Products from
" French Crown " Team.

Nagaraj C S - Verified Purchase

Looking and combination of colors.
Love the design and the fit.

Amol Landge - Verified Purchase

Excellent shirts - make sure you check your measurements when you customize your shirts.
The options for customization are very good and the packaging is also top notch.
Keep it up guys!

Imanuel Christian - Verified Purchase

I’m very much satisfied with their service, quality & the styles of the shirts.
Finishing & designing is excellent.

मल्हार भक्त तमनर - Verified Purchase

Absolutely true to how it looks in the photos, but way softer than I was expecting.
Just a really nicely detailed fabric.

Riddhatam Sat - Verified Purchase

Super soft hand, almost as soft as worn in poplin, without the fuzz.
Very comfortable to wear .
The colors look somewhat muted, which gives it a faded look up close.
And wrinkle resistant too. Great.

passang tamang - Verified Purchase

Loved the fabric but the best part was when the shirt was constructs they matched the stripes on the collar, sleeve plackets, shoulders and sleeves, everywhere.

Dr. Sailen Phukan - Verified Purchase

They have a large selection of shirts.
I even found some at a great discount.
I received my order faster than I expected too.
A very positive experience.

प्रभात दुबे - Verified Purchase

I will definitely order again.
The product was great quality & the shipping was so fast.
I placed my order on Monday, had them by Wednesday!

Dev vrat Mishra - Verified Purchase

Good work shirt and excellent feel.
In terms of shrinking - has held up well in comparison to prior shirts I've ordered from french crown.

Debashis Deb - Verified Purchase

This is now one of my favorite shirts! Amazing color and comfortable .
Great colors, classic design. I've worn this shirt a few times and very happy with it.
can't go wrong with this one.

Thomas Chacko - Verified Purchase

Great color and great fit and I really enjoy this shirt.
Great and simple pattern for a light winter shirt.

Dr P Mahammad Basha - Verified Purchase

I've bought almost five patterns you have to offer,I've even gifted a few..
unfortunately some of them are out of stock now.. so i feel a little bit lost.
but i'm sure like all good things.
they'll come back in stock & i'll buy them then! but these are beautiful shirts meant to be bought & treasured & cherished & enjoyed!

Rojio george - Verified Purchase

Generally a good fabric, but the cost reflects the quality so don't expect it to feel like more expensive fabric options.

Joseph George - Verified Purchase

Great fabric, but pricey.
It keeps its shape very well for a medium-weight fabric.
Feels good every time I put on this shirt, giving me a sense of occasion.
I ordered one last year, and I am so happy that I ordered one.

Prithwis Mukhopadhyay - Verified Purchase

This is a very nice pattern.
Medium transparency and looks good when you are just walking around.
I had it professionally Light Grey Japanese Plaid, and they had a Great pattern for both casual or more dressy.

Krishna Kandregula - Verified Purchase

I have several fable Printed shirt and am a true convert - they are so easy to wear and travel with.
I have just received my first shirt and am really pleased with the style fit and quality.

john wesley - Verified Purchase

As always, this fabric is great. Color is fantastic. The beauty of french crown fabric is the Medium weight but the pattern and color is so crisp and bright. Another great fabric.

Edwin Roy - Verified Purchase

Great fabric, but pricey.
It keeps its shape very well for a medium-weight fabric.
Feels good every time I put on this shirt, giving me a sense of occasion.
I ordered one last year, and I am so happy that I ordered one.

Ishwarappa Heddoori - Verified Purchase

You all know about french crown shirts .
I bought it from market at a cost of Rs 2297 only. This is so comfortable to wear.
It has a very good heat rejecting capacity also, which is a very big problem in other shirts.
It lasts for a long period of time also.
Well I know it's cost is high, but you can't find it's facilities in other shirts at this cost .

Gurumoorthy Hebbar - Verified Purchase

I bought 5 linen-cotton shirts and am very happy with my online purchase.
The items were shipped immediately.
I had it the next day ! (I'm in Bangalore) .
Upon opening the parcel I was pleased to see the shirts in a proper box.
Good quality and true to size.

Jojin A George - Verified Purchase

I enjoy wearing french crown Shirts, the texture of fabric is comfortable to the body & the shades are classy...
The Shirt never gets OLD, the fabric stays new.

Mark sharma - Verified Purchase

I love the fabric.
It fits well and the pattern makes for a very stylish shirt.
fabric is great; wears well and fells good.

Sheikh Ishfaq - Verified Purchase

One of my favorites that I have ordered from french crown.
Nice fabric and good coloring on the stripes.

Emery Tshikondo - Verified Purchase

Great fabric, but pricey. It keeps its shape very well for a medium-weight fabric.
Feels good every time I put on this shirt, giving me a sense of occasion.
I ordered one last year, and I am so happy that I ordered one.

Menino Rodrigues - Verified Purchase

Great looking and elegant shirt for a great evening. Ideal party wear.
Great pattern and color to this shirt. Medium weight and comfortable fabric.

Dr Tarif Hussain - Verified Purchase

Wow. Just wow. The fitting of the shirt, the quality of the fabric and the contrast are of top notch.
Finally I found a brand by which I can fill up my wardrobe. Going for my 4th purchase. Finally found .

Dr Tarif Hussain - Verified Purchase

One of my favorites. Great looking and very comfortable.
I even wear during colder season.
The shirt fits great and looks great.
I highly recommend this company.

NALIN CHHABRA - Verified Purchase

Really great quality and Great service, super fast turnaround.
Really happy, I like this all printed & plain shirt- will use again.

Ngamkholien Khongsai - Verified Purchase

Dr.Christopher - Verified Purchase

Great clothes at a great price!
My husbands favorite shirts.

rids hardy patel - Verified Purchase