It is really worth it and it’s packaging is also really cool .
It’s a must have product i really like Beige Tere-Rayon Pant.
The company is really cool and it’s a
must have product which enhances your Look....!!!!

Relly Rodrigues - Verified Purchase

Very good fabric, extremely well finished stitching

kishore - Verified Purchase

Really love French crown trousers

Kiko Moraji - Verified Purchase

love french crown as a brand.
Super trendy and fashionable.
Good quality products and they have a great selection of trousers and shirts.

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Truly amazing
Superb material
Would love to buy and buy again
Great fan of this brand i often buy from here especially
the trouser collection is my most favorite of the lot french crown.

Mohammed Hussain - Verified Purchase

i love the design of every product in french crown,
every time in store there are new design available
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there are return policy also which is very good for customer.
customer can return product within given time.

Fakhrul Alam Mazumder - Verified Purchase

One of my favorite brand to shop from .
The quality of the garments is amazing.
Lasts very long after so many washes .
I shop here a lot .
The variety is quite amazing

Dr C P Bajpai - Verified Purchase

I think they have really great stuff with them.
it's really cool and one must
shop at french crown really soon if they haven't.

Chandan Dubey - Verified Purchase

I love the Hazel nut Tere-Rayon pants, perfect fit.
Superb Design
Loved the quality and the clothes.
Feels comfortable.

Dr.Santosh Kumaar Dubey - Verified Purchase

super quality of fabric
Super delivery time
needless to say the fit
loved the packaging
I'm a fan now.
Team french crown
Looking forward for more shopping from u guys.

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Having french crown in your wardrobe just makes your wardrobe.
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french crown makes the most fashionable clothes which are reasonably priced as well
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french crown is actually one of my go to online shopping to website by clothes in..
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They always get their seasonal stock in the right time.
My favorite is summer, winter and autumn wear..

Calvin Gutierrez - Verified Purchase

i had ordered for two chinos from french crown and i am very impressed
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Crazycabs Vizag - Verified Purchase

I love this brand, I am able to find many clothing items
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Dr Meda Venugopal Gupta - Verified Purchase

I bought Ash grey chino from french crown few days ago. The fabric and stitching was perfect.
Very good quality clothes.
loved the fitting.

Kishore Bojedla - Verified Purchase

I love this company!!!
I have lots of clothes by this company and they are by far my favorite clothes.
I bought my first pair of Trousers from their company about a year ago.
and they still look brand new!
Their clothes are worth the money and are great quality!

Reji kumar Devarajan - Verified Purchase

Discovered via ads on Facebook, and finally decided to give a shot.
Once the sizes were available, went ahead with buying a couple of chinos.
Impressed with the delivery done within 3 days, and great packaging with a surprise addon.
The fit was spot on and the fabric felt plush.
Customer support was receptive enough to create an exchange for a different color.

dr sr rajakumar - Verified Purchase

Loves the men’s range, partner buys majority of his stuff from here.
Trousers can be worn casual and smart casual.
they are long wearing and better with wash after a softer washes.

Devati Venkataramana - Verified Purchase

It was difficult for me to decide if I should try buying products from here, but I am super happy and satisfied that I chose to give it a try.
I ordered 2 chinos which were delivered to me within 3 days, sooner than the standard delivery time usually required.
I was surprised to receive a free gift along with my order, it was totally unexpected.
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I am very happy with the products I received and I will continue to keep shopping from french crown because of their excellent service and products.

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Milky White chino has Excellent quality and fabric.
Like the fitting and color.
Like to buy more from this brand.

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I have ordered 2 chinos and 2 linen shirts from french crown
and i am absolutely amazed with the Softness ,sheen
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Simply superb fabric with great choice of colors.
and loved the way of delivery and also the
customer care was really great.

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I like their products.
I have bought a few trouser and shirt from their before.
I loved it.

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Absolutely love french crown.
Great quality. Good value as items are durable and last forever.
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Does this brand even need a review one of the best brand.
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East or west french crown is the Best

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Great fabric and comfortable styling.
awesome products

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Loved the fit and the stitching.
Nice pant and very comfortable it’s great product,
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The quality of the clothing is incredible.
I have loved everything I have ordered from them.
Keep up the great work!
I specially love the feel of tree-rayon fabric. it is same as wool.
i use to wear it all around the year.

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Best clothing brand ever! Unique designs
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Super comfy. Have 3 shirts and 2 trouser already and going back for more!

chandrakant meda - Verified Purchase

Great art work and quality clothing,
plus awesome customer service!

Chandramohan Saren - Verified Purchase

I love this style of pants & have several pairs from different companies & in different patterns.
but french Crown Trousers doesn't require ironing. it stays all day long.
feels and looks like pure wool, but it's better tan wool.

Gurmeet uberoi - Verified Purchase

Amazing quality in fabric.
Fit and finish is top notch.

Muthu Kumaran - Verified Purchase

This store is another one of my favorites, they carry some very
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Its a very good store all the products in this are simply awesome.
french crown have a wide range of varieties.
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Amazing quality! I love shopping for my husband here.
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I really do love their shirts, they are sleek and fitted well.
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I truly love this brand.
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Though this store is very expensive it is always a wonderful choice.
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