About Us

Like most professionals I invariably come in to work in formals or semi-formals. And I always have one complaint- that simple, high-quality, perfect-fit shirts that we could wear to work were surprisingly hard to find. The high-end shirts are overpriced and over designed. The simpler and cheap one are not up to the mark.

Fitting is the most important factor to make you look sharp and feel comfortable.

Most of the off-the-rack shirts doesn't fits perfect. Some creates balloon around your waist and make you look like muffin top. Some have excess fabric billowing out from your back which is catching wind and you will look like a parachute. If you select a shirt which fits perfect on your shoulder and belly then you will find problem with shirt length and sleeve length and then you have to tuck your shirt almost 15 to 20 times a day. In short there are almost 9 different body measurements required to construct a perfect shirt and standard sizes can't perfect all of them.

Let's say you are normally wearing a size 40 shirt. If you will buy size 40 shirt from ten different brands all of them will fit you differently. Same goes with custom tailoring, if 10 different tailor will take same body measurement all of them will fit you differently. Even two people having same body-structure may have different choice of fit. Some may like extremely fitted, some may like regular fit and some may like boxy or relaxed fit and this three are not the only options there can be lots of different fits.

Solution is frenchcrown.com

Men come in all sizes and so do we.

The perfect fit makes all the difference. French crown takes care of your fit while you can take care of your performance!

Not a single brand or a tailor can decide what fits you perfect. You and only you can decide what fits you perfect. Now, how one can decide what is the best fit for him? Solution comes with trial and error only. You may have tried lots of shirts and you must have bought few of them. Select the one shirt out of your wardrobe which makes you feel comfortable and look sharp. Even you can select a shirt which you have got altered from your local tailor and now it fits perfect. Now we will copy the measurement of this shirt and construct the all new shirt from the scratch. We have following measurement options

  1. We can send you a free measurement tap. Follow our visual guide to measure your best fit shirt and enter your measurements.
  2. We can pick-up your best fit shirt from your door-step. And give it back with your order.
  3. You can send us your best fit shirt. We will give you 100 Rs. Discount on the spot, because you will incur some shipment cost.
  4. Enter your measurements. If you already have your measurements.

We are the strong believer of "Quality is always in trend". We have collected best of breed fabrics from finest mills all over the world. In India our fabric partner is Arvind mill, Ahmedabad.

It takes a lot to construct a shirt that looks as good as it feels. Try our collections and let us know what you think.


What ignite us?

Vision: To change the way people dress.

Mission: To foster style in urban businessmen.

Words by:
Ilesh Ghevariya